words, words, words (and how they’re there mocking you when you lose the idea they could’ve represented)

That’s really it, I guess. I was walking around my parents’ neighborhood yesterday, which invariably gives way to my ego gleefully playing in the tiny sandbox it’s created for itself, when I was struck with what felt like revelation, i.e. a cool idea. And in my head, despite my ego (I think…I like to imagine he’s busy in the sand while I’m over in the open field prancing about), I go, “Nice. I can’t wait to sit down and write about that.” Except so then my ego keeps playing, other trains of thought zip by, and I’m standing there like a desperate lover waiting for the trains to pass, hoping that my beloved is still there on the other side. Of course, the trains pass, and it’s just me there, alone with myself, wondering what ever came of that idea that stood across the gap from me that one time, waiting for me to cross and take it out of the station and into the light of the world.

So it goes…

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