52 Books: Train Dreams

Okay, so the circumstances of how I came to read this book are…interesting.  In my writing class this semester, we had to pick a book from a list of twenty, read it, and then present on the book (the style, voice, structure, etc.) for about 20 minutes.  I chose The Underground Railroad.  One of my classmates chose Denis Johnson’s Train Dreams.  And his presentation…motivated me to read the book.  I don’t even know what else to say about this.  Canelli and Amanda know the story….

Anyway, I read it.  I mean, I murdered this book.  Denis Johnson is one of the authors that, while I’ve never claimed him as a favorite, I’ve somehow ended up owning more than a few of his books and have enjoyed all of them.  My classmate let me borrow his copy for the week, and I liked it so much I ordered my own copy.  I recommend you do the same.

Two other books from the other presentations in the class that stoked my interest:

More on these later.


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