52 Books: The Diving Pool

Another book reviewed in class last week: Yoko Ogawa’s The Diving Pool.  This one was pretty awesome: lots of weird mixtures of food and maternal imagery with psychopathy.  This book is three long short-stories (each about fifty pages) that are about pretty normal, sweet things (a girl’s crush on a boy, a lady cooking for her pregnant sister, a lady helping her cousin find a dorm for college) that each have that one discordant, out of tune violin that completely changes the timbre of the pieces and makes your hackles stand up on edge.  I’m not going to mention what those things are because it’d ruin the surprise you feel a quarter or halfway through each story when you realize, “Oh, snap, this isn’t a story about A, it’s a story about…wait, what is this a story about?”

In other words, read this book.  It’s a quick one that’s well worth your time.


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