Love Means Never Having You To Say Sorry…

Mu Pan updated his website.  Like, completely overhauled it and updated it.  Go check it out.  Please, go check it out.

I’ve already spent about fifteen minutes digesting piece that he posted earlier this month, Love Means Never Having You To Say Sorry.

Pull up this image full-size in your browser and just start deconstructing it.  The full-on violent battle scene is his main thing, but also he does the Gulliver’s Travels/getting tied down quite a bit, too.  But the pleasure is in the details.  It’s almost as though you’re supposed to read the picture from left to right.  There’s a crescendo to the action, an apex/climax, and then a dénouement on the right.  The the dénouement in Love Means is…weird.  The “Tora! Tora! Tora!” in the middle is kind of a give-away on how to read the piece, but then there’s so much more….

Like, for instance, how the battle extends outside the “borders” of the “canvas.”  The monkeys, wolves, and tigers are “entering” the canvas along the bottom.  The battle itself seems to be destroying the canvas at the same time: the burning tear just above the “BOOOOOOOOM!!”  Then there’s the background in the canvas: a sort of traditional chinese painting of a silent, introspective forest with railroad tracks cutting across it.  And what the hell is going on with the wolves and turtle people on the far right?

So this is all bonkers.  If you like this, then please go check out the rest of his site.  He’s reorganized and updated a bunch of it.

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  1. Amanda Burnham

    I wonder if this is the same tiger in Amy Cutler’s piece, just before the mending 🙂 —


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