Browser pages I keep open at all times

Keeping with the spirit of my prior post about Asimov’s drive to learn and research, I thought I’d share a list of links that I keep open on my browser at all times as a way to help me research for my current writing project (you know, the one that hit 40,000 words last month).

Other pages come and go.  Right now I have about six tabs with pictures of robins at different stages of development open in one browser as well as a bunch of research I’ve been doing on Florida and California scrub jays.  As soon as I move on to a new chapter, this all will get replaced with other pages.  Etc.

* Also, fuck the NY Times.  Fuck them for their hand in selling the Iraq War and for salivating over Comey and Hillary’s emails last year.  Fuck them.  You want to help journalism push through our current governmental and cultural clusterfuck?  Subscribe local.  Read your local paper.  Pay them for their product.  Just don’t give the NY Times any money.  They were the model for the white people in Get Out.

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