Episode 43: Porcelain Lamb of Glob

By Jesse Moynihan's books! http://jessemoynihan.com/?p=1048

Episode 43: Porcelain Lamb of Glob

We promised we would get back on Adventure Time, and we have with this latest podcast.  Here we hit season 4 episode: “Beyond This Earthly Realm”.  And, oh man, this was a trippy-as-hell episode to cover.  Canelli brings his personal expertise to bear on the convo, and we end up covering so, so much ground.  For example, here’s a smattering of the (linkable) topics we discuss:

P.S. Fuller fought hard against the impulse to call this episode Semen Ladder to Heaven, you know, as a play on Stairway to Heaven.  The feature image is this page on Jesse Moynihan’s site.  Buy his books!

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