52 Books: Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds

I hit a month-long reading slump after finishing Bringing Up Bébé back on March 19.  I started reading Naked Lunch but eventually set that aside.  Then I started reading Bleeding Edge and almost immediately regretted it and set that aside.  I couldn’t tell if I wasn’t enjoying what I was reading because I wasn’t enjoying what I was reading or if the books just sucked.  So I decided to focus on writing for a couple of weeks.

And then last week Amanda told me about an NPR interview she heard about a new book that just came out by Lyanda Lynn Haupt called Mozart’s Starling.  (I’m guessing it was this interview?)  Seems to be an interesting book, but instead of picking it up, I decided to try out one of her earlier books first: Rare Encounters with Ordinary Birds.

On the whole it was an easy read that took me just a couple of days to read.  It helped that it was just 187 pages broken up into 17 separate essays that are a mix between bird facts, memoir, and ecological preservation awareness.  Of course, my favorite essays were the ones that hewed the closest to bird facts, especially the penultimate essay, Crow Stories.  In all, just the right book to get me back into the groove.

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