Fuck the New York Times

Michael Kinsley at the New York Times last week:

The establishment press has been vicious about Donald Trump. He’s portrayed, day after day, as a narcissist, personally obnoxious, with a policy agenda to match. He deserves most of this criticism.

But does he deserve all of it? Does he never do anything right? Say anything wise? Are all his schemes to reform this agency and abolish that regulation utterly misguided? Can “President Trump’s America” really be compared to Vladimir Putin’s Russia?

Surely, if there is a “party line” among the establishment media in the United States, it is anti-Trump, not pro. That doesn’t make it wrong. In fact, it’s largely right. But the venom, the obsession, the knife-twisting are hard to understand.

Fuck this guy.

And fuck The New York Times’ new columnist, Bret Stephens, too.  For the past couple of weeks people have been breaking down this blatant climate change denier, but do you think The New York Times gives a shit?  Nope, because they’re getting all that sweet, sweet anti-Trump money now.

People, I told you two months ago to fuck the NYT.  They’re as much to blame for this country’s state right now as Fox News.  Don’t read anything on their site or in their paper anymore.  Don’t give them your clicks.  Don’t even give them your hate clicks!  Just fuck them right to hell.

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