On how it takes one to know one

Or how it takes One to know one.

Or how it takes one to know One.


So is this standard fodder in child’s play just Cartesian nonsense? Buddhist humor? Who/what is the “one” in this scenario? When someone calls you a loser, that enters the equation as you fire the label back at your accuser, e.g. “it takes a loser to know a loser.” Now you’re both losers, with “one” standing in for each of you. Good company. Rather than fight against who your enemy of the moment says you are, you turn into Eminem and accept that you are whatever they say you are. And then you force them to participate in their projection:

“Oh, that’s what I am. Well guess what? That’s you too. Because we are one. I am whatever you say I am, yes, and since whatever you say I am is always a misdirected reflection of who you are, welcome to our shared identity.”

Chances are you’ll get a “pssh, whatever” response, and you’ll both lapse back into the illusion of separateness. What you were unwittingly doing was attempting a re-union; instead, you intentionally contributed to further alienation:

“I’m so not that thing, but screw you for suggesting as much, and watch as I make you feel like that thing too, jerkface!”

Ah well. Slings and arrows. Words, words, words. Just another language game. I am one, and I am One. You?


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