On “evil losers”

First of all, this is not an indictment of President Trump. There’s plenty of that garbage already laying waste to the Internet and therefore our brains. If it’s true that neurons that fire together wire together, then Trump is successfully rewiring us in his image, i.e. he’s getting us to think with the same reductive simplicity as him.

Now, when I say he is doing this, I mean we are doing this. The Media is responsible for the content it produces, yes, but we are responsible for the content we consume (and then, inevitably, reproduce). Trump calling terrorists “evil losers” isn’t a far cry from his critics calling him “Hitler” (which is somehow one of the nicer things people call him). Is that a straw man argument? Perhaps. But I haven’t made an argument yet.

So let me get to it then: what we really need across the globe is radical compassion.

Yes, for Trump.

Yes, for terrorists.

Does that mean you condone Trump and terrorists? Of course not. Does that mean you don’t fight back against them (and I’m not setting up any moral equivalency here, by the way)? Of course not. Well what does it mean then? That you try to understand them. That you try to examine the reality within which they come to be who they are (not just who you think they are, which you confuse with absolute truth). That you then look more closely at yourself and get started on your healing. And then, from there, you might have a chance of healing others.

You’re not going to change Trump.

You’re not going to change terrorists.

You can, however, have compassion for everyone, and most of all, yourself. And then you can get to work. That’s when healing will begin.

So why stay in this venomous loop? Stay aware, stay active, but don’t get sucked into a world where “good” and “evil” start to feel too easy. Free yourself, and let your freedom be an example to others around you. The world? No. That’s not in your power. You can’t save anyone, but you can serve everyone by taking care of yourself first.

(If this reeks of privilege, it might also be time to check how we check privilege.)

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