60,000 words

Never forget: birds are dinosaurs and nature is metal.

I trundled over this milestone last night.  The paragraph that popped me over the limit:

The office was busier than the average Friday morning. Grey jays from Evidence delivered and removed tagged boxes and bags and forms to and from detective desks. Uniformed blackbirds escorted cuffed and non-cuffed ruffian thrushes between booking stations and interrogation rooms. CSI pheasants with beaks full of donuts clogged the walking paths with crumbs. The administrative assistant cardinal hen—leopard-print skirt, cat-eye glasses, fake pearls the size of honey badger balls—bustled between desks, stopping at the murder board in between to throw up another two or three victim names in red. It was a level of activity usually seen on Mondays when everyone got to work on the latest homicides from the weekend.

This comes almost exactly a month after I hit 50,000 words.  Two developments since then:

  1. I’ve got the entire story mapped out now, and it’s going to be 16 chapters.  I’m currently working on chapter 9.
  2. I think I might hit 70,000 words before July 1st.  Chapter 9 is about a third of the way done, and I have such a clear vision for Chapter 10 that I might be able to write the whole thing in just a week/week and a half.

So that’s where I’m at right now.  60,000 WORDS!


  1. Ed Burnham

    Woohoo! Congratulations! Can’t wait to read the finished manuscript!!!

  2. Luigus



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