Oh snap! Look who the NY Times fired last week

Liz Spayd lost her job as NY Times public editor.  Wait, who’s Liz Spayd?  Oh, let me remind you!  When the NY Times was accused of enforcing a “false balance” when discussing Clinton and Trump, she wrote this on Sept 10, 2016:

The problem with false balance doctrine is that it masquerades as rational thinking. What the critics really want is for journalists to apply their own moral and ideological judgments to the candidates. Take one example. Suppose journalists deem Clinton’s use of private email servers a minor offense compared with Trump inciting Russia to influence an American election by hacking into computers — remember that? Is the next step for a paternalistic media to barely cover Clinton’s email so that the public isn’t confused about what’s more important? Should her email saga be covered at all? It’s a slippery slope.

Yes, she actually wrote this paragraph.  And the NY Times published it.

Fuck the NY Times.


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