You’ve got Nedroid but not Achewood?

Webcomics, they’re awesome!  So the Library of Congress is archiving a select few now.  Great!  Check out the list of comics they’re got in the collection so far.  Ones I recognize right off and definitely recommend:

These are among the 41 items in the collection.  But do you know what’s not in this collection?  Achewood.  That Momentary Diversion on the Way to the Grave Achewood.  Motherfucking Worst Song Played on Ugliest Guitar Achewood!  Can you believe that?  How can the LoC just ignore the epic story threads like The Great Outdoor Fight (available on Amazon), Cartilage Head, Volvo of Despair, Ray Goes To Hell, and the incomparable Lash of Thanatos?

You can’t ignore it, though.  Block off the summer to read all of Achewood from the beginning, and then petition the LoC to include Achewood post-haste!

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