52 Books: An Equation For Every Occasion

Fun trivia: in 4th grade I bombed out of a spelling bee I was absolutely dominating when I spelled “occasion” as “occassion.”  That fucking word haunts me still to this day.

John M. Henshaw’s An Equation For Every Occassion is a book I read at a clip of two equations a day.  That is, this book is a collection of 52 essays about 52 equations.  Some equations I knew, some I didn’t.  Some equations foundational (like Ohm’s Law), some quite trite (like how to convert dog years to human years).  It was light reading that I’ve been doing in the background for the past month.  Weird reading, too, when I picked it up after reading a chapter of From Hell.

What’s next?  I’m actually less than 100 pages from finishing Bleeding Edge.  Fuck that book.  I’m also reading Al Franken’s Giant of the Senate.  This should put me at 39 books read by the end of June.

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