Fuller’s June 52 Books Summary

Hey hey HEY!  Look who picked it up this month with a bunch of solid hits!  I think I’m officially out of my reading slump.  And, with just 13 books left in the remaining six months, I’m lifting my foot off the accelerator so I can hit longer books.

Here’s what I did in June:

Here are the books in my book journal that weren’t complete as of 1 July 2017:

That’s my latest book at the end of the list: Moonglow.  It’s a recommendation from Amanda.  I’m not much into memoirs, but she says it’s more than a memoir, so I’m giving it a shot.

After Moonglow, I’ve got a secret weapon that’s going to carry me through The Illiad, The Odyssey, and Moby Dick by the end of September at the latest.  Yeah, that’s right, Canelli: I’m going to read Moby Dick before the end of the year.  What’s the emoji for a white boy with a popped collar on his pink Lacoste shirt saying, “Come at me, bro”?  Because that emoji, should it exist (even in the platonic realm), perfectly encapsulates my mood right now.

Okay, but outside of that, I’m not sure where I’m going.  I’ve got a bookcase full of unread books I should hit up.*  I’ve also got a reading list from that scratch-off poster.  Finally, I’ve got the reading list from my last workshop class.  That last option, the workshop reading list, has been fruitful for me so far.  I got This Is How You Lose Her, Train Dreams, The Vegetarian, The Diving Pool, and The Underground Railroad off of it.**  Maybe I should post that list?

* So, so many JHU Press books…

** Well, This Is How You Lose Her and The Underground Railway were already on my radar when I got the list, but the fact that they were on this list made me feel good about the list.

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