75,000 words

I passed the 70,000 word mark back on Monday, July 3rd.  Yesterday I was at 75,107 words.  This is after the first round of pencil-and-paper revisions of chapters 10 and 11.*  The full story is now planned to be 17 chapters.  Here are the current word counts:

  • ch1: 9369 words (26 pages)
  • ch2: 9937 words (28 pages)
  • ch3: 7644 words (22 pages)
  • ch4: 5779 words (15 pages)
  • ch5: 4425 words (13 pages)
  • ch6: 7256 words (20 pages)
  • ch7: 5171 words (15 pages)
  • ch8: 8066 words (23 pages)
  • ch9: 9090 words (26 pages)
  • ch10: 5245 words (16 pages)
  • ch11: 3125 words (9 pages)

This averages out to about 6,828 words per chapter (19 pages per).  Given that this is now a 17 chapter novel, that’s roughly 116,000 words total (roughly 323 pages).  This means I’m actually only about 65% finished with the book.  Which seems scary at first, but considering how I’ve been very good this year about a chapter a month (two for June!), it’s not so bad.  I’m still projected to finish in December.

Here’s the passage that took me over 70,000:

His reputation had always been one of a crafty, resourceful eagle owl, but tonight elevated him into a mythological pantheon of organized criminality.

* For various reasons, I haven’t done pencil/paper edits on chapters 7 through 9 yet.  Each of those chapters will net about 100 to 200 extra words when I finish them.

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