52 Books: Typee

Herman Melville’s Typee is not Moby Dick.  I’ve now read both books, so trust me on that.  CANELLI, FIGHT ME.

It’s an entertaining book.  Not balls-to-the-wall entertaining like Moby Dick.  But that’s the thing: it’s not exactly a novel, so I shouldn’t compare it to a novel.  It’s more of a travelogue.  A beautifully-written and clever and funny travelogue of a place that’s basically Eden.  And there’s a little sadness in it, too, because even Melville hints that the clock is ticking for the Typee before colonialism wipes out their way of life.  And this was back in the early 1840s.

So this is book 49.  Three more!  My last workshop class has kicked up already (Birdland chapter 7 gets workshopped next week), and one of the assignments for the class is to do a book critique (more on that later).  That’ll probably be book 50.  I also have a second Haruki Murakami book lined up: Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche.  I don’t remember why I picked that one up, but I’m biting at the bit to get started on it.  And then one more book!

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