For a whale-ship was my Yale College and my Harvard

Canelli informed me the other night that he’d finished his 50th book.  This at the same time I’d just finished my 49th book.  He promised me he was going to make his 52nd book Moby Dick.  (Last I heard from his, he gave up just before terrible Ahab makes his first appearance.)  And I decided I was going to make my 52nd book Moby Dick, too. So, we’re doing this, right?

Canelli, let’s do this.  Stop being a squigglyplop about MD and just do it.

And let’s do this before Infinite Winter starts.

Shit, what book are we doing for Infinite Winter?  Gravity’s Rainbow?  The Illuminatus Trilogy?  Oh–how about 2666!?

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  1. Luigus

    Oh it’s on!

    I’ve had Gravity’s Rainbow on the shelf for a while, so maybe that…Haven’t you read it already?

    Give me a 2666 pitch as a post.


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