52 Books: Bloodchild and Other Stories

Amanda said Guess How Much I Love You doesn’t count because it’s one of those chewable cardboard books for babies.  Okay, sure, so that knocks me back down to 48 books for the year.  Well, here’s 49: Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild and Other Stories.  Hey, remember that list I posted a couple days ago?  This one is straight from it.

It’s a pretty easy read–I’d say high school level.  A couple of the stories were entertaining, and a couple of them were actually pretty terrible.  Overall I’m pretty “meh” about this book.

Going forward: book 50 is still going to be Murakami’s Underground; book 51 is going to be TNC’s latest (when it comes out next week); and book 52 is still going to be Moby Dick.

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