52 Books: Authority

Here it is, people!  Book 52!  I did it!

This is Jeff VanderMeer’s Authority, book 2 of his Southern Reach trilogy.  This one went in a different direction than the prior one, Annihilation.  Instead of taking place in Area X, this one deals with the government agency responsible for investigating Area X.  And it’s not about the things they know but, rather, how the bureaucracy deals with not knowing.  This book is basically office politics drama on the edge of the known universe.  And it took me 200 pages (of its total 340 pages) to fully accept that.  Seriously, I really felt let down once I realized what it was.

But then I started to get into it.  Sure, I was okay not knowing anything more about Area X.  And, sure, I thought the main character, Control, was a bit of a loser.  But the dynamic between the characters got really interesting.  I started to come around on it.

And then that thing happened in the storage closet.

In the span of about 20 pages this book got super crazy creepy weird–weirder than the first book.  Holy shit, I was creeped out.  And I couldn’t put the book down.  I would’ve finished the final 50 pages in one sitting if it hadn’t been so late.

Of course, the final 50 pages ended up being a setup for book 3, Acceptance, which I’m currently reading now.  Which, I’m okay with.

So there you go: with just under two and a half months to spare, I did 52 books this year!  And I’ve got a whole bunch more lined up.  I’m already into Acceptance, but I’m also dragging my ass through The Maltese Falcon.  2666 is two months away, but there’s also TNC’s new book, Mike Duncan’s book The Storm Before The Storm (super excited for this one!), a couple of Hopkins books about some golden-era Greek wars, and a bunch of Mickey Spillane novels.  So, a packed reading list heading into the holidays!


  1. Luigus

    My 52nd book, sadly, is not Moby Dick, but The Merchant of Venice (because teaching). I am, however, on chapter 107 in Moby Dick, so I’ll be finished with it soon!

    1. dasfuller (Post author)

      Do it, Canelli!


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