90,000 words

Hey, I didn’t forget about you, Birdland.  I was steaming through you, about 10,000 words a month, and then–BOOM!–July happened.  Pretty much all work stopped for about two months.  But since the beginning of this month, I’ve dedicated myself to writing at least 250 words a day.  And now look where it’s gotten me: 90,000 words as of last Thursday.  Huzzah!

Here’s the chapter-by-chapter breakdown:

  • ch1: 9386 words
  • ch2: 9977 words
  • ch3: 7647 words
  • ch4: 5779 words
  • ch5: 4425 words
  • ch6: 7256 words
  • ch7: 5792 words
  • ch8: 8465 words
  • ch9: 9567 words
  • ch10: 5497 words
  • ch11: 3125 words
  • ch12: 2929 words
  • ch13: 10330 words

So that’s 90,175 words total.  Based on the average chapter word count (6,937 words), stretched across 17 chapters, this book should top out around or just north of 119,000 words.  At a rate of 250 words a day, I should finish the entire book sometime around the end of February.

Chapter 13 should be finished today or tomorrow, so that number count will change.  The rest of this, these are by no means the final numbers on each of these chapters.  They go up and down as I do minor revisions.  They’ll probably oscillate an incredible amount when I begin work on the second draft.

Oh yes, this is just the first draft.  So far the first eight chapters have been workshopped in classes.  The first two-thirds of the ninth chapter will get workshopped next month.  Over time I’ll get the others workshopped, but it’ll be after I finish the full novel and then go back in to repair the timeline, had more crow conspiracy stuff, and lots of other fixes that I’m realizing are much needed.  This is a work in progress!

Here’s the passage that put me over the top on 90,000 words:

The second pigeon stumbled into the room and fell to his knees in front of the desk. Between hiccuped sobs he moaned, “The security tapes. Do you know what this place is? Do you know what that meat out there on the conveyor belts is?”

Spoiler alert: it’s pigeons.

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