Fuller’s October 52 Books Summary

I did it.  I read 52 books this year.  And I’m still working on more.  I think that at the end of the year I’ll do a round up of all the books I’ve read and use that to genuflect on where I’d like to take my reading in the future.  You know, some real introspective shit.

Here’s what I did in October:

Here are the books in my book journal that weren’t complete as of 1 November 2017:

The Maltese Falcon is…terrible.  I hate it so much.  But I’m going to keep reading it because I need it for sly references to sneak into Birdland.  And I’m going to finish Acceptance soon–just got to find the time when I’m awake and fully aware of the words passing before my eyes.

Where do I go from here?  I’ve got TNC’s latest book locked and loaded.  I’ve also got a collection of Mickey Spillane‘s first three novels also on the shelf (but, if I was being honest, I’m not looking forward to those, especially after starting The Maltese Falcon).  Then I’ve got three ancient history books lined up: Mike Duncan’s The Storm Before The Storm, Debra Hamel’s The Battle of Arginusae, and Robert Garland’s Athens Burning.  I actually got my copy of The Storm Before The Storm signed by the author this past weekend, which is also the same weekend that I discovered that there are Ancient Roman History fanbois who are the SAT equivalent of Rick & Morty fanbois.

Oh, and there’s 2666 coming up for the next Infinite Winter!  Got some pre-reading to do for that one.

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  1. Ed Burnham

    Congratulations Adam! WOW! That’s incredible…..and not a Grisham among ’em (haha)!


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