52+ Books: The Storm Before The Storm

Another book!  I chewed through “The Part About The Critics” in 2666 in just five days, well in advance of the reading schedule.  So, to slow myself down a bit, I picked up another book I’d pre-ordered back in the summer and finally got at the end of October: Mike Duncan’s The Storm Before The Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic.  This is my 57th book of the year.

I’d always considered myself a bit of a grecophile, down with the ancient greek biz.  But I had no idea how fascinating and entertaining ancient roman history was until I started listening to Mike Duncan’s The History of Rome podcast.  Yes, it’s the same guy.  And, oh snap, it looks like I’ve already posted about that podcast in the past!

Anyway, right after the book came out, Duncan did a reading and signing event at the Politics & Prose book store in DC.  You should listen to the audio they recorded of the event, because it’s utterly fascinating.  Then you should listen to the first chapter of the book.  Needless to say, I loved the book, and I loved the fact that I could get him to sign the book (although I didn’t get to meet him because I had no idea he was such a popular guy).  I completely recommend this book: it’s a quick read, it’s a fascinating read, and, man, how Mithridates the Great kills Manius Aquillius—oof.

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