Father Mapple’s sermon as a precursor to Barry Seaman’s motivational speech?

Wait, what?

Here’s an interview with Lorin Stein, a senior editor at FSG who worked on translations of Bolaño’s works.  This part caught my eye:

MB: Were there parts of the book that had to be retranslated multiple times? What parts needed the most editing?

LS: The one section where Natasha undertook heavy revisions, as I remember, was The Part About Fate. Between drafts she did research into boxing, the Black Panthers, etc. We also discussed Father Mapple’s sermon in Moby-Dick as a precursor to Barry Seaman’s motivational speech.

This sermon by Father Mapple?  Barry Seaman’s speech on pages 246-256?  Is Marius Newell supposed to be Jonah?  Sure, I see all the aquatic metaphors and symbols in both sections, but…is that all it takes for two seemingly disparate works to be so casually linked?

Canelli, you’re a recent reader of Moby Dick.  What do you think?



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  1. Luigus

    I think it’s all swimming in the same Cosmic Soup, man.


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