“Hooray, Baltimore!”

2666, page 519:

In September there were almost no killings of women. There were fights. There were drug deals and arrests. There were parties and long hot nights. There were trucks loaded with cocaine crossing the desert. There were Cessna planes flying low over the desert like the spirits of Catholic Indians ready to slit everyone’s throats. There were whispered conversations and laughter and narcocorridos as background music. On the last day of September, however, the bodies of two women were found near Pueblo Azul.

Justin Fenton, Baltimore Sun reporter:

If you’re interested in researching the murders in Baltimore, might I recommend the Baltimore Sun’s Homicide Map?  You’ll learn some interesting things like, for example, in 2017 only 24 of the 343 homicides were of white people while 273 were of black men.

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