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LouCLuigus was so enamored with education that he let it consume his entire adult life for 8 years, mainly in the form of living and teaching at boarding schools (but also leading educational programs/trips over the summer). He’d like to give a shout out to his former homes at Saint James in Maryland and The Putney School in Vermont, neither of which are responsible for the nonsense that will emerge through this site. Luigus was blogging elsewhere (oh, and here) for a spell, but he’s now boldly brought his talents (or whatever you want to call juvenile pontificating) to Strange Projections (formerly called Poop Epiphany). He’s primarily trained in the art of communication, literature, and philosophy, but his work at Putney gave him a much more diverse range of lenses through which to examine and explore the world. He believes that dialogues with Fuller broaden this range even more, so he’s practically wetting himself with joy over the inception of this intellectual journey. When he’s not changing his pants due to uncontrollable urination bouts, Luigus can be found brooding in a dark corner, pretending that someone is looking there who’s inexplicably interested in his ideas, and blithely deconstructing everything in sight. He’s not trying to say he’s Neo, but…he knows that a refusal of the call is part of the hero’s journey. So he’s all set for now.


dasfullerLook, let’s just get this out in the open from the very get-go: Adam Fuller wants nothing to do with another man’s urinations.  You know, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into, fine.  But don’t mix him into that business.  Other than that, intellectual journeying is a thing Fuller loves.

Christ, what the hell else should we know about him?  Let’s see…He met Canelli at Saint James while he was there teaching physics and chemistry.  He’s also been known to have done some podcasting himself in the past.  These days he programs for a living, works towards a masters in a local university’s writing program, and dreams of selling out so that he can become a professional “slackademic.”  He’s also always on the lookout for folks who want to play Settlers of Catan because he now owns a copy but has never actually played it.

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