75,000 words

I passed the 70,000 word mark back on Monday, July 3rd.  Yesterday I was at 75,107 words.  This is after the first round of pencil-and-paper revisions of chapters 10 and 11.*  The full story is now planned to be 17 chapters….
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60,000 words

Never forget: birds are dinosaurs and nature is metal. I trundled over this milestone last night.  The paragraph that popped me over the limit: The office was busier than the average Friday morning. Grey jays from Evidence delivered and removed tagged…
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50,000 words

Yesterday afternoon I hit the magical 50,000 word mark in my Birdland manuscript.  50,000 words!  This comes just over two months after I hit 40,000 words. Since I do a ton of revising during and after I finish a chapter,…
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